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Eepy + random from the kibbles store

Atticus at four.
How it started and how it is.

Beauty, grace

Chester is the most handsome when the light catches his golden undertones

Pax wishes you a very happy !

Nell keeping warm in the not very summer like weather!


Quel disgraziati d' un gatt... ah, no.

Little floofy Jean Valjean over here still not over how her plan to steal a loaf of bread her own size has failed.

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Care for your Pet

, in Western are dying of an extremely contagious ,

Goodest boi, Gobi.

Guess who figured out how to open the bread box with her front paws and attempted to get away with an entire bag of sliced bread, and is now grumpy because I stopped her.

Katzenworld: Tummy Rub Tuesday Week 462: Share Your Cats Cutest Photos for a Chance to be Featured on Our Blog #

stroll --- is not only a but a precious friend as well ---

A portrait photograph of our friends English Bulldog with artistic digital effects applied. Bulldogs are not the most handsome of canines but we do love our fur babies, no matter what they look like.

Available here:

Life happens fast. Took this photo two weeks ago right after vacation and before we started delivering some of the crew to college. Now our doggo is just back from the hospital after a pretty intense workup, and things are not looking very good two separate cancers, visceral mast cell tumor in her liver and splenic hemangiosarcoma. Animals are good at hiding illness until they can't.

We have to tell the crew members away at school...

Supervisor Miumiu takes a closer look

"But uh, now you come to me and you say -- "Don Corleone give me justice." -- But you don't ask with respect. You don't offer friendship. You don't even think to call me Godfather." - Cosmo

It's been a while since I've posted, so here's a pic of Zelda looking so cute as she takes my spot on the bed!

Newest member of the Cat-a-log, Sir Alec Guinness. Continuing beer named cats.

Pax says she's having too much fun to go to sleep. But she wishes you a good night (or good day) anyway!

I've shared my kitty and now enjoy my !
The is Ella and is over right years old. The is Bara and is just over one and a half years old. They're both a big fan of Squishmallows lol

How sweetly he rejoices!

Here's a work-in-progress photo of a painting of a cool cat in California, hanging out in his bed. If anyone out there is interested in having their pet painted, please let me know! Id love to make you something! My art is affordable! All I need is to be sent pics of your pet and a small deposit and I can start working!

Was a beautiful day with a lovely visit from you mike home you like the dog you had

The memorial.

Amy and I did two things right: we moved to Colorado and we got the Boyz.

We gave them good lives.

They gave us a LOT of love.

Amy picked out the kitties. I picked out the hummingbirds.

Littermates, Peck and Daphne, are sharing a moment of peace together.

If you have a dog to whom you sacrifice stuffed squeaky toys, hie thee to a TJ Maxx immediately for one of these: It's almost 3" wide from tip to tip & makes a sound like a honking goose when squeezed. And instead of the $21 shown on the web page, TJ Maxx will have it for about $9.

Xandra has noticed the squirrel.

Katzenworld: Furry Friends and Cardboard Trends: AI-Powered Imagery That Lives up to Our Cats Imagination

I got word a friend died.

I really don't have anything more to say than: she was a good person. She and her husband: good people.

I can't say anything else. Loss is hard.

I like Mastodon. Good people here. So many who love animals. So many who are just plain: decent.

Special shout out to

If you don't know him, you should.

Slava Ukraini

I've mentioned before that I've had a few bunnies as pets. They're surprisingly easy to take care of, and affectionate too!

Prints & more are available at



Its , a day of remembrance to cherish the whove given us a lifetime of memories. If youd like, take a moment to honor a beloved pet by replying to this post with a memory. You may also make a tribute on our memorial wall at

Design Milk : Diggs Evolv Dog Crate-Playpen Hybrid Fits Your Pup + Your Style

Fancy Kissing Goldfish, watercolor. I had a goldfish not a fancy one - just one from Petsmart, named Mr. Fish. He lived for nearly ten years and I had his tank right by my computer so we could see each other all day. He was the the inspiration for this painting.


Just love walking our dogs. So peaceful now the schools have started up.

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