Hello Animal Lover!
All you need to know about caring for your pet.

Doodle hopes you have a happy !

Good morning to all!

All you need to know about caring for your pet.

All I can say is, "Let the shenanigans begin!"

Good morning/afternoon/evening to all of you. Pax and all of us wish you a very playful Tuesday!

Meet The Breeds / Javits Center

Two brothers just sittin around being handsome

I was brushing my teeth and had most excellent supervisors. Twinkles is settled on the bath mat, Velvet is the gray cat and Caramel is the little cream colored dog. They are such good boys.

Meet The Breeds / Javits Center

I am tired ....

My name is Parker. You took me to the Vet. Prepare to die.

Happy from Kukla and me!

Kukla thinks it would be great if you would BOOP her snoot.

Trigger alert: direct eye contact

Oh hey, have some dog pictures!

Thank you! You all, too.
Enjoy your day.
I'm having a water only fast day today (maybe a little longer, I'll see), so I have lots of time to get things done. (Also, I will drink lots of different kinds of teas and coffee).
I'm aiming for a reset.

Pax is still sleepy and bleary-eyed this morning. She wants to go back to bed.

Good morning/afternoon/evening to all our Mastodon friends! Happy Monday!

The third one is in the back of the strawberry. The ratties are getting old but still love to snuggle.

Get ready for spring with a great price on hummingbird nectar

Meet The Breeds / Javits Center

New study reveals the profound impact of forced between and their . Pet owners forced to be separated from their animals in situations, including those who are victims of domestic violence, are from a lack of support services needed to protect them.

Can Dogs Eat Sage

What Melons Can Dogs Eat

Pax is sleeping with her favorite blankets that she loves.
Have a good night/day all of you!

Say hi to Penelope

"2 pets died after being left behind in the Japan Airlines Co. plane cargo hold in the Jan 2 aircraft collision and subsequent fire at Tokyo's Haneda Airport...resulting in calls for Japanese airlines to allow pets in aircraft cabins"

Kermit the conure is mightily pleased. I gave her a strand of sphaghetti. All parrot owners recognize that a parrots natural food is pasta.
(At least, if you listen to the parrot, which I don't advise).

"The Psychological Impact of Forced Human-Pet Separation"

"A new study reveals the psychological and safety risks associated with forced separation of people from their pets in crises like domestic violence and natural disasters. The research highlights the deep emotional bonds between humans and pets. The lack of support services accommodating both exacerbates risks during crises."

Also, vets aren't all the same, just sayin'...They can feed the nightmare.

Daphne's trying to fit in a gentle nap before dinner.

Why is so weird about

Like you have plenty of space. Are things any different compared to two years ago when these articles were circulating I really wonder.

If there is "One Simple Trick" that has improved my life with my dog, it was teaching him to indicate preference between a selection of objects. Now I know what foods and toys he wants most, and I know that he likes both the silicone hair removal glove-thingy and the brush, but not the de-shedder tool. I mean he had communicated most of that already, but it's convenient to be able to ask for his opinion directly.

"Shelter Refuses to Give Up on Shy and Shutdown Cat Labeled 'Un-adoptable'"

"Toronto Cat Rescue believed in Boo. Now they just need someone else too as well."

The Most (and Least) Pet-Friendly States in America SafeWise

As of 2022. Really interesting map here. , , and are among the least-friendly to pets, while and all of the southeast are among the most friendlyaccording to one metric.

Be honest do you think mudcrabs from skyrim are cute Cause I do. I would keep one as a pet if I could

"California woman saves lives, one dog at a time"

"A Southern California nonprofit group is working to provide education and advocacy about so-called red list dogs --- those that need to be placed out of shelters or they will be put down."

why portuguese people dont like pets its hard to find apartments to rent and restaurants (taxi, bus and trains), where pets are allowed on

This is Mandy's sultry look at the masquerade ball...


These toys are great for enrichment or rainy day activity

Golden slumbers

These can be helpful for new puppies to be able to settle at bedtime

No clue what this is.
Is Pax trying to be a centaur

Trigger alert: eye contact

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