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Design Milk : Design Milks 2023 Gift Guide Preview +Fashion

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Dont share candy with your as chocolate and other sweets can be harmful to their sensitive stomachs. If you want to celebrate together, give pets treats specially made for them. If your pet does eat candy, watch out for signs of illness and call your vet.

If youre dressing your up, choose a costume that doesnt make it hard for them to breathe or restrict their vision. Its also important that your pet is able to move normally in the costume, so they dont get hurt 2/

is a spooky and fun time for many, but it can also pose some dangers to our four-legged friends. Wondering how to keep your safe tomorrow Weve got some tried and true advice from Angell Animal Medical Center:

Watch the door when greeting trick or treaters. Its easy for and to sneak out while owners are busy giving out candy. Use a baby gate or put your pets in a safe and comfortable part of your home to make sure they dont escape 1/

Kitty "helping" you make your bed is the best way to start the week.

Y por fin sali el sol

Wide-eyed Doodle always reminds me of Beaker.

Happy Mondog!

Too much love in a picture, two years ago.
Muito amor em uma foto, h dois anos.

Carroot and bronkoli

I got a jade cutting for the tank as well as this littlecrassula I think Anyway as soon as he saw it Niles claimed it for his own and hasnt moved in like 24hrs lol. (Plus a bonus Trixie checking out the jade)

Katzenworld: Preserving Endangered Species in the UK: Hedgehogs, Red Squirrels, Beavers, Bats, Water Voles, Scottish Wildcats, Hazel Dormice, and Turtle Doves

Yo soy lo mas hermoso de esta casa


For furry friends
Playful and fun ideas
Collars, toys, feeders, cages

Pax wishes you a good night (or a good day)!

Play time!


He's turning in for the night.

Reeses just looking really majestic

Katzenworld: Mayhew charity issues urgent plea for adopters as 66 black cats and kittens need forever homes more than double the number of days in October! #

Noah is ready for his snuggly winter hibernation.

Quem mais feliz, donos de cachorros ou de gatos A psicologia pode explicar


Its ! Cats have been pets for a very long time and you can learn more about how they became such common pets in our podcast about ancient and medieval cats.

De quien son esos ojitos bonitos

These two lumps on a log wish you a happy Sunday!

Cats Rescued

Cosas extraas que hacen los humanos

Pax, Peck and Daphne wish you a very happy Sunday!

Darcy, hiding from reality.
You and me both, buddy.

Modelo se nace no se hace

Speaking of Parker, is this just an elderly cat thing Seems like when his winter/summer coats came in this year, he got tons of tangles on his hips and belly.

I think it's just due to pulling them out but by the time I got the last tangles out he's got little bald spots on both sides. The fur grows back, and he seems to be grooming pretty normally for his age otherwise. I use his de-matter pretty regularly too though he's fussy with it

Children and animals this morning: What are these clocks you speak of Where have they gone back to

Bizkor se lo pasa en grande en el pantano

Katzenworld: RSPCA highlights the horror flat-faced cats can experience with every breath &Tips

Here's an acrylic+oil painting on canvas that was recently made for a gentleman in California. If u'd like your pet illustrated, please let me know, I'd love to paint any of ur pets, be they feline, canine, equine, etc!

Look at these eyes! This baby girl is very sleepy. Pax wishes you a good night (or a good day)!

Happy sleeping day Wilma

For my friends in Europe - my soft pastels painting "Catnap in the sunshine" is now available at Art Heroes (free shipping in many countries).

Fr meine Freunde in Deutschland - mein Pastellgemlde "Katze beim Nickerchen im Sonnenschein" ist nun auch bei Art Heroes erhltlich (kostenloser Versand).

I wish you all a nice and relaxing weekend!

Catnap in the sunshine soft pastels painting - here:

I love my Chihuahua Noah. He is so so awesome! He is very loving, and I dont regret one single day of having him! #fediverse

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