Hello Animal Lover!
All you need to know about caring for your pet.

Daphne's enjoying a late morning nap in the sunshine.


With the passing of Duffy last fall, we are without a dog for the first time in a long time.

Each dog was an integral part of our family and enriched our lives beyond measure. The memories they left behind are priceless. I only hope we made their lives the best they could be.

"... a man is good if he has a dog who loves him." -W. Bruce Cameron

We get our dog fix now from our daughter's dog Bella, who we see frequently. Do you have a special pet in your life

Good morning/afternoon/evening all!
Pax has her smiley eyes on today. She hopes you find lots to smile about on this beautiful !

Trigger alert: direct eye contact

When is this going to stop !!!! Hope everyone is having a great

Staying Together

Given their practicality and convenience, pick a sturdy and non-slippery portable ideal for both and areas.

They deserve love! Last-chance pets and the people who rescue them The Guardian

They deserve love! Last-chance pets and the people who rescue them &wellbeing

Its amazing how animals can tell when you dont feel well. I lied down on our couch and both our cats came over and started snuggling on or around me and napped with me.


Pax is all curled up and fast asleep.
Good night/day to all of you!

To learn something new, you need to try new things and not be afraid to be wrong.
Roy T. Bennett

Sunday, the ice queen that rules our cat empire.

Trigger alert: eye contact

Going To The Dogs! Original dog art prints and watercolour illustrations, dog breeds, dog prints, dog gifts and other canine surprises!

Separated during the evacuation from the in , region of on Friday - A beautiful reunion yesterday at the Evacuation Center at Bernardo O'Higgins High School.

February is Spay Neuter Awareness Month! Spaying and neutering is an important way to keep them happy, healthy, and in their homes. Learn more about our spay and neuter services at

Pax says Happy everyone!

Trigger alert: eye contact

Pax bids you a good morning (or afternoon or evening) from her perch on top of a dining room cabinet. Have a great day all!

Trigger alert: direct eye contact

$20 Pet monitor

Her favorite show is on (carbonation)

We love our X-man.

Jax my buddy

Pax is fast asleep, dreaming of the fun day she had today.

Good night/day to all our Mastodon friends!

Believe in yourself and there will come a day when others will have no choice but to believe with you.
Cynthia Kersey

A kitten was a perfect lockdown distraction but I got more than I bargained for Nova Weetman

Marion County animal services overcrowded after rescue of 56 dogs from 'horrible conditions'

The animals were recovered from a two-bedroom house on Ocalas west side. The lead investigator on the case said they were living in horrible conditions.

Overcrowded Florida Animal Shelter in 'Urgent Situation' After Saving 56 Dogs from Cruelty Case

Marion County Animal Services in Florida is desperate for help in alleviating the overcrowding at their shelter

Conhea o remdio que pode prolongar a vida do seu cachorro


I'm singing songs to Augie while he paws the carpet. He gets mad if I stop

My dog has officially acquired a fanclub now. He not only has several people who will come by the office exclusively to pet him or take him out for walks. I also got an e-mail today with the bill for a workshop a couple of weeks ago and the explicit offer to dogsit. And the three new people at today's meeting were all over him.

Que bonito que es Chinchon

Do you know the signs of stress in your cat Youll find them here:

found in La Pompeya sector of Vina Del Mar

SE BUSCA A SU FAMILIA, RESCATADO EN SECTOR LA POMPEYA , Actualmente se encuentra en Escuela Libertador Bernardo O'Higgins, para mayor informacin comunquese con IG: catastrovet

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These $23 buffalo chips are a hit at our house. We don't have aggressive chewers so these give them plenty of chew time & the chips seem safer than some other other types of chew. This is right at the low point for a bag of these.

Nice furniture crate. Love when the door doesn't swing out in the way.

Spy dogs learn to control their wag.

Handwashing a major source of pet in UK rivers


All you need to know about caring for your pet.