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All you need to know about caring for your pet.

Daphne is looking regal this morning.

Love and Hex #86: Flurry of Blows

It can be difficult introducing a new pet into the family.

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Here's my latest, "Chrissy in the Chrysanthemums" -

Home decor -

Good morning (or good afternoon or evening) to all of you! Pax wishes you a very happy !


Picture This: 30 Day Photo Challenge - Day 15 - Pets - Saffy was sat among my plants, so I snapped this, thankfully she doesn't eat my plants lol.

Katzenworld: Bella & Duke Launch Festive Feasts and Pet-Friendly Advent Calendar for Christmas #

Knight is wondering what to do with his day

Pax is losing the battle to stay awake. She'll be in Dreamland soon. Good night (or good day) to you Mastodon friends!

What is ya'lls opinions on pets Wether it be cats, dogs, lizard, yellow-bellied sap suckers, etc


outbreak linked to raw pet food, cattle: PHAC Confirmed in 6 provinces.

Dont let your dog lick yer face.

so people handling raw pet food that's contaminated unbeknownst to them, and then contaminating themselves or people around them with the product," McMaster University biochemistry and biomedical sciences professor Brian Coombes . "It could be spread from person to person

This is an old one that makes the rounds every once in a while. Rabbits do actually go around randomly suplexing things.

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One way that I can tell my boys apart is by their eyes.

Doodle, on the left, has large, very round yellow eyes. Peck, on the right, is very different. His eyes are smaller, less round and amber-colored.

A diverse group of / shipping to new homes this morning.

Here are a few pics I took when I was at my friend Baow's studio and gallery the other day. And that is Baow's puppy Hanna, she is the cutest!

Adoptable pets at the Napa Animal Shelter.

Good morning (or good afternoon or evening) to all of you Mastodon friends! Happy !

Sweet little Pax is becoming a force to be reckoned with. She can hold her own in this houseful of cats.

Yo tengo solo dos responsabilidades

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Zeusie's tongue is so long and wide, he curls it up to fit in his mouth...

Katzenworld: Tummy Rub Tuesday Week 472: Share Your Cat Photos for a Chance to be Featured on Our Blog #

The flames were extinguished following several hours of firefighting. Firefighters rescued utilizing a ladder positioned next to the building's window.

The are coming up fast!
We will have lots of NEW holiday items available soon on our website that can be for your or as a for others!

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Introducing the two new furry members of our family! The long hair is Julie the short haired sisters name is being debated. Me on the side of keeping her foster name of Pricilla and my mom wanting Meg

Determined Hound Leads Owner to a Cat Stuck Down 100-foot Mine Shaft for 6 Days

Sitting in the garden


Pax is having some sweet dreams right now. We hope you have a great night (or a great day)!

Thinking of turning your pet turtle loose in the great outdoors Shell no, says DFO
Non-native species can wreak havoc on an ecosystem, warns new educational campaign

Most stray animals are hiding all day, she says, but when they do come out, Saeed Al Err is always there waiting for them with food and water.

The dogs recognise the sound of the planes right before the bomb drops when the sound of the plane changes, and they all start to cry they are just as scared as humans, Annelies Keuleers...

Sweet Daphne's beautiful orange fur is standing out today, overtaking the usual grey. Dilute tortoiseshell cats are awesome.

Katzenworld: Understanding and Managing Obesity in Cats: Causes, Risks, and Treatment &Tips

According to animal rescue organization , so far rescued in cooperation with civil defense, PD and FD:

49 cats, including 2 strays
4 hamsters
90 carrier pigeons

22 / remain in the evacuated area / are reported missing:
11 cats
1 rabbit
10 chickens
Note It is possible that the missing/ remaind animals have been brought from Grindavk and Drfinna have not been notified.

This is seriously sweet ... so I'll post it

The pet Ill never forget: Queenie, the mysterious budgie who beguiled us all

Doyle says hello.

Watching his favorite movie!

Time to put a smile on your face!