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All you need to know about caring for your pet.


Important to Know: How to Tell if a Dog Has Gastrointestinal Problems

Cultivated Pet Food Meat Is Coming Sooner Than You Think

Can Dogs Eat Whole Grain

All you need to know about caring for your pet.

The queen is on her throne.

Sometimes I really wish I could squish her round little cheeks, but sadly they're only an illusion entirely made out of floof, and therefore downright unsquishable.

Good morning (or afternoon or evening) to you all! Pax is happy it's Friday! Have a great weekend!

woman charged with intentionally starving her dog

The greatest cat show is coming soon!

Disneys 102 Dalmatians: Puppies to the Rescue.
Released in 2000

JA Tengo una rata, un gato y un perro de mascota.

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cant afford their . Its pushing to the brink.

While dogs can technically eat brats, it's generally not recommended due to potential health risks.

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Katzenworld: Food for thought Pet owners warned to be extra vigilant this August bank holiday &Tips

Good morning, happy Friday, happy to report that the trend of using wooden furniture as pillows continues strong around here.

Chi, doing her best Oliver Twist impression

(Yes, she had just eaten a bowl of food, and second that's not even her bowl)

spend their entire lives deciding between and murdering. Like, imagine if every time you meet someone you have to decide if it's time for or TIME TO DIE, MF.

My fluffy little guys!

Some cute and pics for all of you. Enjoy my adorable babies!

Oh hey, have another Nell pic from her walk earlier, since everyone loves dogs!

Pax fell asleep in a twisted pile near the stairs. Good night (or good day) to you all!

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Part of "try to go back to sleep" is getting under the blanket.

One of my bots just posted this (Cuteopolis) I added the caption.

I subscribe to multiple bots, hourly foxes, capybara, ferrets, bunnies, tiny forests, and now cuteopolis which really breaks up the news and whatever else crap yall are posting Any bots im missing I should know about

Katzenworld: Cat Named Forest Recovering Well in RSPCA Care after Abandonment and Deliberate Injury

Important to Know: Which Dog Breeds Are Considered Hypoallergenic

Why cats stare at nothing: A curious habit

If you're going to leave your entire estate to your dog, make sure to include what happens if the dog dies before you do, court says

It is best to mix dry oatmeal with your dog's regular food or add it as a small treat or a topping to enhance their meal.

Can dogs eat dry oatmeal

Your dog wants a luxury apartment with a bark bar that has 'yappy hour,' rooftop dog parks, and furry fashion shows

Mom's baby chickens. They seem camera-shy.

Look who found a giant pile of DEER SHIT and ROLLED IN IT like a PRO

This freshly washed and wrangled guy

New comfortable () sleeping position discovered.

Playing in the garden is exhausting

I could use your help Paying for my Tool's vet bills. He's been a very expensive little guy. We're almost 1/3 of the way there.

Every single share and donation makes a difference.

Beauty sleep.

How I stay motivated
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