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Caught this moment of Bruce mid-yawn... SCARY! He looks like some alien character from Dr Who

Heres an awesome gift wrap hack for cats or people with cats:

Leave for a second and I have the crew here trying to work in my computer...

*cat noises*
- Oh, hello hooman!

Pets finally!!


Pax is headed for trouble again.

An older work, and one of my first attempts at recreating the look of stained glass. Happy Caturday!

Available at =

Happy Caturday from Grays to those who celebrate.
25th June 2022
iPhone 13 Pro
Rat facts!
Rats are very hierarchical animals (sadly). In every mischief there's a rat dominating others. The dominating rat, or leader, usually eats first, drinks first and chooses a place to sleep. Other rats usually bring them food or snacks to get in good graces, while others will try to sabotage their opponents to make them look incompetent or stupid.
At the same time, though, rats are very empathetic and eager to help each other out. Go figure, sounds very human to me.
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Happy memories this beautiful tabby cat lived with us many years ago. I remember her accompanying me on my daily walk.

Find my soft pastels painting here:

Gatti di bottega

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Katzenworld: Isla Animals Rescue: Help Build a New Shelter and Save More Animals

Brownie replying to another dog's post.

Social media is the same across species

Goodnight from Nectar & I

Hunting for the wind

Pax had a long day of play, exploration and fun. Time to sleep. Good night (or good day) to all of you!

Rat facts!
Rats are fully capable of emotions, holding grudges and struggling with regret. They can also dream and sleepwalk.
#rat #rats #pets #facts #funfact

Its somewhere.

Could someone be so kind and help me find my kitties Ive looked and looked, theyre very good at hiding. I do have these cute Christmas decorations (from the discount store) but the cats are nowhere to be found today

En hoe ziet een hond er dan uit met koffie en een rugzak
"A realistic dog walking through the streets with a backpack and a cup of coffee in its paw"

My therapy cat work is especially important during the holidays! I even dress up for them. My latest visit is on my blog today -

I love showing birds the feather they literally JUST molted and they act like they dk where it came from

Miss Rosie

Bruce and Rosie seem pleased Uncle Geoff has arrived... Oh, wait, it's just they want feeding!

For those who have been asking about the TV Series Puppy Love produced for the BBC you can download from YouTube


There are clips of Puppy Love on my IMDb page:

since I have a Chihuahua! And I love Chihuahuas in general I thought I would create this little song using thesuno Music AI generator. .

Katzenworld: The Benefits of Using ZenClipper for Easy and Safe Pet Nail Trimming &Tips

This dog is so goofy but I love her.

Ano, David. " Portrait" 1/4/23, on matte paper. Was $40, now $20. This is part of a 50% OFF SALE on all sold on my . start at $20+. These would make a good , or hang it on your own wall!
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Trying to convince Rauf that it's bedtime.

She loves to snuggle.

Pax is nodding off. It's time to go to bed. Good night (or good day) to you all!

Finally got a clear picture of Oliver using my cane as a pillow. He either is doing this or shoving his head under it and sleeping that way.

This is one of the ONLY times that we customize our with your name on them, so dont miss out!!! We will ship directly to whoever you want in the US

These make great gifts and include wrapping at no extra charge!

Baby just tried to smooch Jon. Which resulted in Jon hissing and then he fled. Jep, very threatening tiny budgie baby

Shoutout to all my people who randomly dance with their

Shoutout to all the and that tolerate this odd human compulsion.

Can you believe I had to wait a YEAR to model this holiday dress Heres a video so you can see that I really do love it -

If your pet has this they could have FLEAS

A clingy panda friend!

Our tabby named Sunday just put up her "Do Not Disturb" sign.

Tuxedo cat portrait soft pastels painting - Thank you to the art lover from Scottsdale, AZ - United States for purchasing a weekender tote bag featuring my handpainted soft pastels painting Tuxedo cat portrait. I wish you much pleasure with it.

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