Hello Animal Lover!
All you need to know about caring for your pet.

Can you believe I had to wait a YEAR to model this holiday dress Heres a video so you can see that I really do love it -

If your pet has this they could have FLEAS

A clingy panda friend!

Our tabby named Sunday just put up her "Do Not Disturb" sign.

Tuxedo cat portrait soft pastels painting - Thank you to the art lover from Scottsdale, AZ - United States for purchasing a weekender tote bag featuring my handpainted soft pastels painting Tuxedo cat portrait. I wish you much pleasure with it.

Pax is awake and ready to take on the world. We're so thankful that Pax's injured right eye is healing nicely.
We hope your day (or night) goes well.


Il messaggio ci sembra chiaro.
A prescindere dal vostro doggo, raccoglietene la . Eccheccazzo.

All you need to know about caring for your pet. Rat fun facts:
1. A group of rats is called "mischief".
2. Rats are insanely social animals. So much so that they can literally die without a companion. They get depressed and their life functions fail. In addition, when rats sleep, one of them keeps watch over the others, while cuddling with them.
#rat #rats #pets #facts #funfacts

Healthy Pets: Why Regular Vet Check-ups are Important

Ano, David. " 8/8/20, on textured paper.

This is an that was basically a quick for my daughter who really loves . Not my best work, but it made her happy.

Katzenworld: UK Cats Suffering in Silence with Undiagnosed Dental Disease &Tips

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Si yo tuviera tu paz, tu sosiegosi tuviera esa mirada de mirar en la nada pero estar atento como t en todo momento y sin cambiar mi postura,si tuviera todo eso,carajo que feliz sera!

Custom paw Christmas stockings still available! This week is the last week to order and we guarantee delivery before Christmas!!!

Pax had way too much fun today. She's all tuckered out. Good night or good day to you!

This year is definitely the year for puzzles. This summer I caught the bug and then it really got fun when folks on a reddit thread requested I make a puzzle option for some of my floral prints. Then some other folks requested some of my pet work, and here we are.
This one has got to be one of my favorites of the puzzles I now offer, though my tabby Celty may feel otherwise.

The deadline for Christmas puzzle shipping with the Priority option at the latest is December 13th and it's December 8th for Standard shipping.
Check it out and grab a puzzle at

Sweet nap time.

So, I've been thinking about buying a dog again but I've already failed twice as dog owner & it makes no sense to buy one again.

I really like dogs but I don't like the need to walk/play w/a dog day and picking up dog 2-3x/day, plus the cost of food/toys/etc & the cost of vet visits/insurance & the cost of kennels if I need to get away for more than a day.

I once solved this "I love dogs but can't own one" problem by being a dog walker for the Marin Humane Society, which allowed me to walk a dog anytime I wanted w/o the personl/financial responsibilities of dog ownership.

I could volunteer with Marin again but it's a long way to Marin from where I now live in the remote East Bay.

I've taken a look at the Contra Costa and Stockton animal shelters as other "dog walker" possibilities but (of course) their facilities aren't near as nice as those in Marin.

So, I'm going to try to resist the impulse to buy another dog and soon will look into volunteering to walk dogs in Marin again.

Pet-shop bans: West End girls, others could be barred from buying at pet stores

Katzenworld: Cat Puzzles: Christmas Kitties Matching Game #

Curiosidad & Perseverancia // Curiosity & Perseverance.


Cos, a bruciapelo...

Doyle has thoughts about his new fort.

If you have problems trimming you cats claws, youll want to know about this research that may help:

It is better to eat an egg, than start a war with people who could shoot your chickens

Pax is having the BEST time today playing with brown wrapping paper.

Here's Peck doing his Godzilla impression.

Good morning, noon or night to all our Mastodon friends! And a very happy to you all!

Pax is already busy this morning. She loves playing with package wrap.

Animal Action Compilation

Supervisor Miumiu is auditing napping facilities.

Katzenworld: Going though a bad spell -2137

I got Xandra a shirt from Buc-ee's.

How you could be giving your pets COVID.

"Dogs and cats could be catching COVID from their owners, amid Victorias worsening virus wave. Vets have reported pets becoming ill after a member of the household has been sick."


"A cat has absolute emotional honesty: human beings, for one reason or another, may hide their feelings, but a cat does not."
--Ernest Hemingway

I will preface with Dante is home and ok. He was at the vet to have his teeth trimmed. It took way longer than usual. The doctor came out into the waiting room crying. Apparently when she was about to start, his tongue twitched and was cut by the drill. I gave her a huge hug and told her its ok. Teeth are done. Two stitches in the bottom of his tongue. No charges for us. We have pain meds for him. Hes ok.

Mitro came through is dental surgery well. His remaining teeth (all 6 of them) were removed, but that should resolve the ongoing issue and he'll make a full recovery.

I am very relieved, and will be very happy to get him back hom. He has suffered from stomatitis twice - once before I adopted him, and a recurrance this Fall. It's an awful disease, but we're hoping that with the final extractions the condition will calm. More on it here:

Check me out! I had hoop jumping practice, and since its the holiday season, I got to do it in a variety of festive outfits! Video here -

Pet portrait commission for chubby-lion, featuring Jax the long haired Jack Russle. Illustrations like this are just 25 :)

Best shots I have of the two new kittens. Still haven't decided on names, I want something light/dark or sun/moon and gaming/scifi related

Our cat Penguin sleeping earlier today

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