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All little Miss Twinkle Toes here wants for Christmas is a pair of ballet slippers.

CW: Eye contact with a cat

Chilli, post chasing frogs in a swamp.

Brownie just wanted to chewout a branch, accidentally found a git tutorial.

From the derp archive.

Looking forward to seeing Mom and Dad later , we have missed you so much xxxx .

"FDA Warns Online Pet SuppliersIncluding ChewyFor Selling Unapproved And Misbranded Drugs"

"The Food and Drug Administration warned nine online pet suppliers, including popular retailer Chewy, against carrying illegally marketed over-the-counter antimicrobial medicines, including antibiotics like penicillinwhich are making infections more dangerous in humans."

However, if you are looking for a combination of heartwarming and heartrending, I suggest 'My Young Cat and My Old Dog'. You'll seesaw from to nearly every chapter. (I had to quit reading it.)


Gobi is excited for the weekend!

Cosmo would like to be notified well past noon on Caturday.

I will never get over how precious he is

Introducing your to your .

And here's Lucy looking out the window.

For such a little innocuous toy, laser pointers are very controversial! Are they safe for your cat Here are some facts, and best practices to make sure the red dot is fun - and safe! - for your cat:

Munch munch munch

Disrespect your surroundings!

The two house leopards guarding the estate.

"I thought I left orders NOT to be disturbed."

CW: direct eye contact with a cat

Good day, friends!

Good morning (or good afternoon or evening) Mastodon friends! Pax wishes you a very happy Thursday!

CW: Eye contact with a cat

How can anyone be so handsome

Que es el amor

Que es el amor

Just frogging around

Xandra is the most adorable weenie princess!!

Pax is very sleepy. Her eyes are ready to close. Time to say good night (or good day)!

Oh hey, have a new pic of my dog Nell I guess!

Important to Know: In Which Dog Breeds Diseases Are More Common

Almost forgot!
My googly-eyed boy Doodle wishes you a very happy !

I hope today's happy cat helps to put a smile on your face...

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Today's the last day for US ground shipping if you need it by Christmas!

There are faces under the chair...

A quotation from Whitehead, Alfred North:

If a dog jumps in your lap, it is because he is fond of you. If a cat does the same thing, it is because your lap is warmer.

Full quote, sourcing, notes:

I have a tiny kitty condo castle! You can see more of it - plus video - in todays blog:

Such experiences always make me wonder whether scientists could investigate something like this. IMHO, develop sometimes cultural skills (if you let them). Bilbo, for example, had observed very precisely that I love and collect some along the way. He tricked me with that:

Very nice to see!
We run diffusers of a cat pheromone by Feliway, the Optimum one, which sorted out all the disagreements and stress. Everyone is relaxed and cool, now.

Good morning, afternoon or evening to each of you! We hope you have a wonderful Wednesday.

This is a very rare sight at our house: Sunday (in the compartment) and Pax (up on top) usually do not get along. It's nice to see them tolerate one another, even for a few moments.


It only took 246 days, two national appeals, one newspaper story and a magazine feature, but Ginger is finally in her forever home

We fostered this spicy 19 y/o for almost 7 months!

Always adopt


Probably not on your news bingo card >> Why giant goldfish are storming America's Great Lakes and wreaking havoc on wildlife - TODAY

Hey Dawgs, get a stronger password, eh!

The Good Life. Some live it daily.

While growing up and even as an adult, we had several parakeets over the years and most all made wonderful pets, especially one named Mickey who was also blue and was my constant companion. This is dedicated to Mickey.

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Morrison under the tree

Letting your cats roam outside is a big threat to biodiversity. Keep your cats inside!

Domestic cats and their impacts on biodiversity: A blind spot in the application of nature conservation law

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