1/2 That is a totally wrong analysis ! Ppl want = taxes for un/married couples. There was never any question abt marriage

Tinaburger Morges-Lsne (Swiss Montrealer)
1/2 That is a totally wrong analysis @geertvbr ! Ppl want = taxes for un/married couples. There was never any question abt #samesex marriage
i have no time for fake people ✋
Princesscarte18 Nigeria
FAKE PEOPLE are everywhere😩😩😩😩😩😩 am I safe😯😯😯" I Pray
@TheSquiggleWoof this picture is fake there is no update for mac
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ayoo_christmas in CGAs pants
@PINKdot_COM @SwayloJr but why marriage at this age? 🤔
zisabled p jaz fran ana
why are people fake lol
Kaydaceleb Decatur, GA
if marriage is not the goal then why waste each other time by being in a relationship?
@WehbyJammin @NoLayingUp @TronCarterNLU aesthetically it's Curry for me. Higher degree of difficulty, five guys actively trying to stop him.
VannieTurner Virginia, USA
Gay marriage threatens the institution of marriage. Oh dont forget to DVR The Bachelor. - 51% of America
5 reasons why Trump-Christie political marriage works: TRENTON — Securing Gov. Chris Christie's endorsement Fr...
Marriage;is the process;wf finding out what kind of|man your wife would have preferred..
leelaharish2 Noida
Govt must pay heed to Jammu police as, #ConspiracyGettingExposed by them in fake case of Bapuji
kellyslason @chriskenney13
new england has completely normalized my taste buds into thinking that iced coffee in 30 degree weather is acceptable
taniaramadhani_ i'm so aw you're so ew
You can fake your smiles and laughter's, but you can never fake your tears and feelings.
CoolDealDo USA
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D_Ashford3 England ✈ ATL
Money, marriage, Kids. That order.
Rubio Attacked Trump For Running ‘Fake School.’ But There’s Just One Problem. via @thinkprogressRUBIO SCAMS 350,000
ModerateInAll South Carolina
@LordElfa @Sir_Bearington_ @thestackiestg @IrelandMichael Well Milo, Mccain and to some degree Mercedes I'm not shocked by, but Stacy?
ambreen_saadia Narnia
Ppl think everyone is fake But Some Ppl are Loyal and Honest with you that you can't even imagine ...
Liking this 50 degree weather
fake, degree, marriage
Buth2Brazy Everywhere
@Demetriussss__ I fake feel like balling up thou 😭
Fabulous Fake Documents
@StephanyTullis The Master's Plan #marriage #forgiveness #family #Amazon #AmazonUS
StephanyTullis Atlanta, GA
Believe it or not, it's all in the Plan! via @amazon #marriage #forgiveness #family
bolly_hollywood Mumbai, Maharashtra
Karan Patel and Ankita Bhargava’s marriage in TROUBLE?
graduation charge eat comparison sort win testing degree
TruthisKnocking Truro, Nova Scotia
Help spread the word about all the FAKE DINOSAURS . Learn how the SUN ORBITS the EARTH .
InstantTimeDeal Sarasota, Florida
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PesaShayo Wichita, Ks
Don't judge me by my past. I don't live there anymore.-Petteri Tarkkonen #quote #amen #marriage #love #MarriageHelp
Mozart-The Marriage of Figaro via @YouTube

Created: 28 Feb 2016