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MenWomenElderlyStudentsPetsOfficesShopsHomesEveryone is being targeted by the Some people wont bat an eyelidCertain sections of media will remain completely silent on thisMaa Maati ManushAre they safe

satyakumar_y Men, Women, Elderly, Students, Pets, Offices, Shops, Homes... Everyone is being targeted by the #TMCgoons! Some people won't bat an eyelid, Certain sections of media will remain completely silent on this. 'Maa, Maati, Manush', Are they safe? #BengalBurning #BengalViolence National Secretary, @BJP4India | Incharge- Andaman & Nicobar | Co-Incharge - Uttar Pradesh | Chairman, State Handball Association, AP | President, NGO-Sanskriti
Telegraph London, UK 🌵 For many millennial “plant parents”, house plants are pets to be loved and cherished. 🌱 But few houseplant-aholics realise there is an elephant in the room: peat Think ahead with the latest news, comment, analysis and video. Subscribe here:
budweiserusa St Louis, MO 🐶🍺Your dog’s pawfect face could be on millions of Bud cans sold across the country this fall! 🍺🐶 Post your favorite dog pic and tag us using #PupweiserContest to enter. While only one pup will get the crown, in honor of all dogs who enter, we're donating to @foundation_pets If you're reading this, you need a beer. 21+ Only Share with people of legal drinking age. Enjoy Responsibly.
MinersbIog Nonbinary | Any Pronouns | good thing i dont play adopt me anymote because that means i dont care about getting scammed out of pets or anything but ayo it does help me find out who scammers are on the site so i can go ahead and get them reported to roblox 🌺17🌺 🐲DRAGON ADVENTURES AND MMS ADDICT 🐲 ❌SUPER SWAG❌
pod_ark @YanderE98 *pets* I wanna have you fuck me than cuddles after as long as you fill me good and maybe 75% bottom and 25% top (fun fact admin is 21 perception of character hero)
VikashK23165256 Pygmy Marmoset Baby Monkey for adoption - Free | New Delhi | Delhi I want to adopt baby monkey. Vikash Kumar 9771998210
OfficialRWWA Western Australia, Australia As a result of Greyhounds As Pets WA adoption month 67 retired greyhounds found their new homes. 211 applications from potential adoptees were received, 31 greyhounds were officially rehomed and 36 started the foster-to-adopt process during the month. Racing and Wagering Western Australia (RWWA) is the Statutory Body regulating all greyhound, harness and thoroughbred racing in Western Australia.
asirpak 🇨🇱 There is this jpn guy on yt that makes videos about stray cats and he pets them. That's all. It's so relaxing 🛌🏻 ♀ . 28. NSFW/🔞. Spoilers ⚠. I collect fanarts, fanfics & mostly talk about BNHA. And I love Deku. A lot. (OTPs: Dkbowl, BkDk, bottom&sub DK only )
slattnslime having a moment of weakness I will have his pets on life support by tomorrow evening if he doesn't find me back my silky each day, I lose grip on reality. my body is a vessel for hatred and violence. #lakeshow
HelloKameHaHaHa Bouncing around the multiverse @CBSNews Pets are cheaper. I say crazy stuff that may trigger you. We are all on the journey of The Hero With a Thousand Faces. I am a Spiritual Anarchist. Always keep an open mind. Ziggy
MurAllen @APowerIntrovert I just turned 56 and have no kids. I don't even have any pets. Unapologetic liberal
RebeccaVenter Berea, KY and South Africa @depot_pets @tine_theherd @RoscoeLonestar @Beata_Azlan @creek_moose @HideSteel @Baloowiththebr1 @_We_Rate_Cats @Normanthebully @bulldog_manny @ChanceAndJack I wanna win one! My friends call me Becky. My pup and kitties call me Mum! Mother of 2. Solid Blue Democrat but respect other’s opinion. iI support Biden and Pelosi!
koalateavidya Oakland, CA I love Cinnabar's entourage of minions and pets FFXIV / Gaming Twitter of @jazqui. 🔞 Occasionally NSFW / NSFW RTs, NO MINORS please. Alt: R'temis Montya. Current Games: FFXIV, OW, Hades, ACNH.

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