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Jonathan hey it is the GM of the kings I hope u have enjoyed california for 15 years and all the Stanley cups cause ur goin to Ohio Sorry And also be careful of the toxic poisonous oil spill that s killing everything over there Don t let ur pets outside for a bit Ok bye

heatdaddy69420 Jonathan hey it is the GM of the kings. I hope u have enjoyed california for 15 years and all the Stanley cups cause ur goin to Ohio. Sorry. And also be careful of the toxic poisonous oil spill that’s killing everything over there. Don’t let ur pets outside for a bit. Ok bye I love boozing and having the time of my life. listen to the @wetjeanspod. For sports betting insight & picks: @OddsStack

MattWalshBlog The woman behind me on my plane brought a cat and I had to listen to the thing meow and whine for the entire flight. Your pets belong in the cargo hold. I shouldn't have to share the cabin with these mangy beasts. Enough of this barbarism. Theocratic fascist, bestselling children’s author, Transphobe Of The Year (2022)

DrJBhattacharya Stanford, CA, USA In this biomedical security state in which we live, don't get too attached to your pets. Professor Stanford School of Medicine. MD, PhD. Health policy: infectious diseases, covid, health economics. Scientific freedom.

Miss_Final Leashed to her bed @Lil_Larimar No.. we don't do that... *Pets head softly* There's a good girl. This year I met the love of my life and she has given me plenty of reason to keep going ♥ | Transfem🏳️‍⚧️ she/her PFP by Shelti Cover art by Ahekao & RedMn10

lameinfluence she/her say what u want about unhoused ppl with pets but every single one ive ever known ALWAYS puts their companion first. she literally admitted to buying a blanket and telling him ITS FOR THE CAT. she literally said "u can use it i guess but make sure ur cat is warm" 2 cool + 2 be = 4gotten

Angus_The_Bold I’m feeling better since the scuffle with the neighbor’s kitty! Mommy fed me and gave me treats and lots of pets and kind words. I invite you to admire my pretty mane! Love to you all my furiends, human fans and #CatsOfTwitter ♥️🐈‍⬛🐾😸 I’m a cool (big) dude! Beautiful fluffball. I shed A LOT! And I have a stubby tail. Looking to make cat and human friends. Feel free to worship me 😻

Sylviasan3 @TwoGoofyClowns Sylvia:*She smiles and pets jevil head softly, letting him rest on her huge lap and soft lap* 21 old!/ Female writer!~Any kind of Rp!~Here I am!~The one and the only Sylvia-san!~the growth chimera!~Ready to make you become one with me!~

kdnolin @GreyMatterConvo @WBrettWilson Mulroney inherited PETs huge deficits. I hate the gst, but something gad to be done.

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Tac5Recon Texas @IchigoTomago @vanetaro @TansuYegen I have 3 kids 2 girls one boy. My son will not have hair as long as his older sisters. He’s a boy and he will look as such. Has nothing to do with pets. He is a boy he will look and be raised as what he is. Not a hard concept, though nowadays it seems to be for alot of people. Happily married and 3 beautiful children!! Proud US Navy Veteran. TEXAS. 30. OG OpTic Fan. #Brickbybrick