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67% of all pet owners say that their pet listens to them more than a partner.

72% of all pets say that this creepy woman scares them.

fee fi fo fum

Good morning, afternoon or evening to our Mastodon friends! Happy Monday to you all!

Pax thinks she's a fashionista today. She's modeling her stripes for us. They really contrast with the white boots, mittens and collar. Such a little showoff!

Do you think I look like a Furby !!!!!! My mom is laughing

My dad has been in bed with a bad back for a week old injurys happy Monday lovelys

Dhamma --
More , More

Give thanks to God for being able to have pets that loves you and that you can love. Because you can learn to play, have fun, enjoy, eat hungry, drink thirsty and sleep deeply.
Good night :mastodon: ers

Even have their own to drink

Meme, Pipoca (cat brothers), and the dogs Valentino (son) and Julieta (mother), this very warm summer weekend.
Pets I couldn't understand her - she spoke Icelandic.
(in Akureyri/ northern Iceland).
(August 2019)
(Foto: Rdiger Benninghaus)
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Here's a photo of my friend Wassana at work in her studio and gallery a few towns over from me. And the dog is her dog, his name is Pepsi, he is a real sweetheart, he was a street dog that she started feeding and for many years he's been the security guard at her art studio haha If anyone needs any artwork, I promote the stuff in her gallery, lots of nice stuff available now

It's a lazy Sunday afternoon for Daphne.

Our dogs Gina and Joey, sleeping in their beds earlier

Reminds me of the three monkeys:
See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.

We've got a cold snap coming this week. Dress warmly!

"Dougie the Pug in Winter" -

Olli's in control of the telly today. Any recommendations

Happy to announce that Snow Queen tied for first place in the 1/6/2024 contest "Matching Sets Of Coffee Cups." My thanks to contest administrator, Gary Eklund Mr Dodo b bird, and everyone who voted for my image. Congratulations to the other winners!!

Today wouldve been our 1st dog Sparkys 16th birthday. He was half sharpei half German shorthair pointer and all weirdo. He taught me not to be afraid of dogs. I hope I taught him not all feet are nasty.

Here's Doodle, my big loaf of dark pumpernickel bread.

CW: eye contact with a cat

Our tabby named Sunday is dreaming of sunshine on this dreary day.

: A cost-effective & alternative to commercial running wheels inlcuding wheel activity :


Good morning Don't forget you can follow for more and videos coming soon.

First Snow
I've had many snowstorms in my lifetime. Blizzards and lake effect dumpings, heavy wet snows and light and fluffy snow globe snows, white-outs that scare the heck out of you and ever-lasting slow drifts that barely seem to pile up. You tend to grow used to it after awhile, but that first snow of the year is always magical. Having a few mild winters in a row, and snow this year tak

Who Was the Mysterious Woman Buried Alone at the Pet Cemetery

At Hartsdale Pet Cemetery, Ed Martin III had become accustomed to unusual requests. Then came Patricia Chaarte.

I want to be buried in a pet cemetary.

Gobi didn't limp yesterday, almost fully recovered from the play-fight injury. Yet he still refused to eat much. I hand fed him some chicken which he ate. Went to sleep with the rest of the pack.

Today morning Chilli banged the door, went out and found Gobi barely breathing. I scooped him up, brought him indoors. It felt like he was waiting to say goodbye. He died today morning in my arms. I didn't even get the chance to call a vet.

I'm heartbroken beyond words

Fla. Nurse Killed Neighbors' Cats, Pregnant Chihuahua with Poison-Laced Chicken for Going in Her Yard: Police

Knight ponders a tune this chilly, rainy Saturday

I noticed that the local shelter switched to 24petconnect.com lately for listings, but didn't know why.
I just saw this page on the old site adoptmeapp.org

Anyone know what the story was here

When theres around, there is no , only . Also keep your comments about Xmas decorations still being up to yourself because 1. Not my house 2. Leave em up all year round if you want. Theyre always nice and festive.

Ill Take The Compliment Sandwich. Hold The Meat.

Here are some fun outtakes from the holidays -

This year, let's all strive to be "emotional support humans" to all of our animal companions.

Happy Yawning Year Mastodon Friends


Happy Caturday! It's the first one of the year. I'm already dreaming of summer, so here's "Sammy in Summer"...

Available at

Smart girl. Daphne says she's going to sleep through the coming storm.

Our Finn at about 5 months old (hes 4 yrs now). We are adopting a rescue kitten in a few weeks and very much hoping he accepts her.

Che vuoi farci Sono una bella gattina



Ma 'sta povera bestiola Qualcuno faccia qualcosa!!

is catching a few rays of on a plank across one of the in our .

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